The problem is I really enjoy learning and want to know stuff, so unless I consciously stop myself, I can and will take studying to total absurdity. I cannot go on Wiki Walks because it will take me 8 hours to stop, and actually starting works can be difficult because hey, I totally need 25 sources just for defining my concepts.

I might need AA for learning.


5 things I like about autumn

http://kaakaotuksia.blogspot.fi/2016/09/syksyn-parhaat-asiat.html had a challenge to list the best things about Autumn. These are mine.


"Hello, do you have a moment to hear ab--"

I never regret going lifting, even if actually getting to the gym sometimes feels like an inferior alternative to hiding under the blanket. But you gotta do some self-care and staying under the blanket is not that.

I also made myself a new progression and a chart, which is motivating because I like seeing lines of ticked off squares.


Phone Call About Gender

I did leave out some details/friend's comments because those were more personal, but this is the basic discussion we had.

My scanner wreaked havoc with the colours O.O