#tissiviikko for slowpokes

Getting a shirt without trying it on first is 100% a gamble. Vanity sizing means labels can't be trusted, so if I need to order a shirt without trying it on first I have to go with the XXL. XXL shirts themselves have a range from sack dresses for bodyguard gorillas to, well, this.


City of Love

April Music Challenge, except I'm late because of the following.


We're gonna be extra lucky because the weather was fairly terrible. The magistrate was nice, and I was happy they used the term spouses rather than man and wife. 10/10 would recommend.


Birthday report

• Calling it now, Pence is will become the 46th US president before 2020. It'll suck worse than the current dude.
•  Alt right are Daesh shills, regardless of whether they know it or not.
Daesh and the others' recruitment strategy relies heavily on western society pushing minority youth to the margin, which then makes terrorist orgs look like a viable alternative.

● Twilight drinking game:

Take a drink every time
  • Bella is an idiot
  • Edward is abusive
  • Jacob's pecs/abs are visible
  • Someone gives a glowering glare.
Don't marathon the five films and play this the whole way; you'll die of alcohol poisoning if you do.