Student budget life gets a bit old after a while.

That last bit is a joke. Everyone in the village is already wondering when will we bring a half-blood prince(ss) for a visit. It's cute. Apparently, people over there prefer girl babies these days.


Out of the comfort zone

Yeah actually mom was right, it was worth waiting until the university. In uni you can get paid for exchanges and internships abroad, whereas in high school you're the one paying.

Epämukavuusalueella pääsee toteuttamaan lapsuusiän unelmia. Jännittää ja kauheasti joutuu opettelemaan uusia juttuja, mutta kyä on sen arvoista. Plus täältä saa tuoreita kookospähkinöitä asunnon alakerrasta, voi jummijammi nam 😋


亲爱的 is a big ole sap

Context: our wedding took two days. This discussion took place after the banquet on the first day, where pretty much all of the guests gave compliments along the lines of 新娘很美,皮肤很好,and so on. 亲爱的 was OK after we had a talk about culturally preconceived notions, values, and levels of education.

白美: pale and beautiful.
The full trifecta is 白瘦美, but I'll never be 瘦 in an Asian context.
面子: face



1) I'm specifically interested in talking about history with popo, because she doesn't have any diaries or correspondence. Also, her demographic usually doesn't get much of a voice in the west so it's not like I could get that info from my local library either.

A link to Hera's post. Go check it out!


It's easier if it's about the grades

During the Illness I wasn't able to retain information so well, and I have cosmological standards for content acquisition. This combination is pretty counterproductive to studying and getting well, because it makes it so easy to get into a negative loop that feeds itself. 
However, these days exam grades can break the loop, because what I think is a Barely One tends to be a Three Plus, and it shows I can drop those standards down.
Hooray I am becoming a functional adult.


A First

I chatted with my brother-in-law on my own for the first time. He doesn't speak English. We managed to have a conversation regardless. Achievement Unlocked!



  • Glaucoma is terrible and I am so sorry if anyone has a pet with it. Napsu was over ten years old, and there is no universe in which putting a critter of such a respectable age through an enucleation is a viable option. Eye drops did give him an extra six months or so, and he was a trooper the whole way through.
  • I visited Germany for the first time. Such romance, much fairy tale architecture, coming to cinemas in 2025 (?)
  • I saw The Room (2003) and I agree, everyone should see it on the big screen and at least twice.